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Important questions to ask before availing pre-natal massage therapy

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase that every women face. Expectant mother goes through several marvelous changes during the entire pregnancy phase i.e. both mentally and physically. With so many physical changes taking place during the pregnancy, most of women today are rushing towards massage therapy to find some relief. This pregnancy massage is known as pre-natal massage therapy. Prenatal massage isn’t just for managing the physical pain but it also increases the level of feel good hormones- serotonin and dopamine and lowers down the level of the stress hormones- cortisol.

Besides that pre-natal massage therapy offers unlimited health benefits to both the expectant mother and the baby inside. This is the reason why most of pregnant women today prefer having prenatal massage therapy sessions. If you are an expectant mother and looking for a prenatal massage therapy, don’t miss to ask few essential questions to your massage therapist.

  • What specific pregnancy massage training you have done?
  • Are you qualified to perform prenatal massage?
  • How many pregnant women have you actually worked on?
  • How can prenatal massage help me?
  • Is it safe during first trimester?
  • What position do you instruct during the massage?
  • Is it ok to get a massage as I approach my due date?
  • What kind of equipments do you use during prenatal massage?
  • What kind of lotions, creams and oils do you use?
  • Do you have special tables to lie?
  • How often should I receive massage when I am pregnant?

If you get satisfactory answers while asking all the above questions from your massage therapists, without any doubt you can proceed ahead to get a massage. Make sure the massage therapist you are connecting is certified, well-trained and highly professional to provide safe and effective prenatal massage. To elevate more intense pain and discomfort, make sure to avail weekly sessions for the last trimester or extend your sessions to 90 minute.

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Benefits of pre-natal massage for expected mother

Pregnancy is the start of an incredible journey. It calls for one of the most beautiful phases in a women’s life. It teaches to be more caring and responsible towards yourself particularly with respect to pregnancy diet, nutrition, sitting and sleeping postures. Though pregnancy is the fulfilling phase of womanhood but it comes with ample of complications and risks which should be taken care of. A woman undergoes several body changes, feels weakness, gets tired soon, swollen feet, sore legs, feel back aches and incur different mood swings due to hormonal changes.

To overcome such kind of heath related issues, pre-natal massage came to existence. Pre-natal massage is a healthy way to reduce stress as well as discomforts and promote overall wellness in pregnancy phase. This massage therapy is a blessing in disguise that can be made use of over the whole pregnancy period.

  • Boosts the energy levels:

Pre-natal massage helps to boost the blood circulation, encourage the lymph to move around the body, helps in reduction of toxins and stress that in turn amplifies the energy levels.

  • Relieve aches and muscle cramps:

This is proven therapy to reduce stress on weight bearing joints, eases the lower back aches, muscles cramps and increases the overall flexibility and elasticity of the body.

  • Improves the breathing capabilities:

Regular maternity massage helps to soften the muscles around the thoracic cage and lungs which automatically improves the breathing capability and aids in supply of proper nourishment and more oxygen to baby.

  • Releases serotonin and gives better sleep:

Pre-natal massage is practiced in such a way that the body itself releases serotonin, which is a natural chemical that acts as a natural pain killer. When the mother is experiencing no ache and discomforts then the mother as well as baby can have better sleep.

  • Helps in easy delivery:

This increases the blood flow to the uterus as well as placenta and helps the mother-to-be for an easier delivery with its stupefying effect on the nervous system.

Pre-natal massage is often practiced by an expert who is well aware about the different pregnancy phase and right techniques to massage the pregnant women. Pregnancy is the best and most exciting chapter of every single woman’s life time journey. This phase can be made more exciting and stress free with regular pre-natal massage therapies. If you are expecting, give yourself the best pregnancy experience with Massage in Mission Viejo. Our therapists take care to ensure the expectant mothers are quite comfortable and maintain the hygiene level. They are aware of how to position the woman safely and prevent strain to uterine ligaments. Call us for bookings or email us for further information. We are looking forward to listen you.

The Prenatal massage therapy- positioning concerns

Pregnancy is a very exciting time of a woman’s life. However, it brings loads of questions along. The most common query that most of expecting mothers have is whether prenatal massage therapies are safe. Massage is completely safe during pregnancy as long as the therapist is trained and professional.

Apart from the therapist, your positioning matters the most during the session. Understanding these changes and positioning can make all the difference. However, the positioning for massage varies with what trimester the women is in.

First trimester

A woman in her first trimester usually is unaware of their pregnancy. So, therefore, they can receive the therapy as she would when not pregnant. However, some women experience pelvic pain, breast tenderness to the point that lying down on the table does not seem comfortable. You can try keeping a cushion with breast recesses. It will make you feel a bit comfortable.

Week 14

During this time, laying face down is a strict no even with cushions and cut-out tables. This position may put strain to the sacrouterine ligament that holds the uterus to the spine. Your uterus is holding a developing baby, so, therefore, it is not recommended to take any chances that may disrupt the uterus and the ligaments that hold it in place.

Also, the additional weight and pressure applied to the back during the procedure may put strain on the ligament which may cause serious issues.

Second trimester

You can lie on your back for part of the procedure with a pillow under your right hip. The elevation of one hip is recommended until 22 weeks so as to shift the weight of the uterus and baby off the inferior vena cava. Lying flat during these weeks may obstruct the blood flow to the baby.

After 22 weeks

Now you can get the therapy only side lying and semi-reclining position. It is the best way to massage your back and pelvis. The position is comfortable with a pillow supporting the top leg and arm to align the spine and prevent lumbar strain.

You can get in a semi-reclined position with the help of pillows behind. Make sure you sit in 45 degree angle from your hip to the head. A pillow is placed under the knees to take strain off the lower back.

Prenatal massage therapy is extremely safe through all trimesters. However, make sure you choose a professional and knowledgeable massage therapist for the procedure.

For more details on prenatal massage therapies, get in touch with Massage in Mission Viejo. Call us for an appointment with our experienced and knowledgeable chiropractor.

The Prenatal massage- how it can help?

Pregnancy massage also popularly known as pre-natal massage offers loads of benefits. Expecting a baby is a beautiful feeling. However, it brings with it loads of stress and anxiety due to hormonal changes in a mother’s body.  The therapy can help you combat the stress and offers relaxation.

Let’s have a look at a few of its benefits

Alleviates the pain

One of the most important benefits of it is that it can reduce the pain that is caused by the pressure around the knee area. In pregnancy, you tend to put on weight that puts pressure on back, feet and knee area making it even painful to walk sometimes.

It also eliminates headaches and other pains associated with weight gain. The doctors refrain you from giving pain suppressants; therefore, such therapy offers relief you from all kinds of discomfort.

Regulates hormone levels

It can help regulate hormone levels that not only keep you in a good and gaily mood, but also promotes cardiovascular health. The sessions also lower the levels of stress-related hormones in your body, thereby increasing the level of serotonin hormone associated with happiness.

Improves blood circulation and digestion

Improper blood circulation during pregnancy may result in blood clots. The therapy can improve the blood circulation eliminating all risks associated with it. However, it also perks up your digestion. So therefore, offering remedies for bloating and acid reflux issues.

Offers relaxation

Discomfort due to weight gain and hormonal changes, adds to the stress levels of a to-be mother. Stress is not good for mother and baby both. Pregnancy massage sessions relax you.

Even though prenatal massage offers loads of benefits, but it can be dangerous for those having a high-risk pregnancy or suffer from hypertension. So therefore, prior starting the therapy you must consult your gynecologist. The doctor is the best one to advise you.

The main benefits of it are that it decreases discomfort caused by increased weight, reduces swelling and improves digestion and lots more. If you are looking to relax your senses, look for a chiropractor that specializes in prenatal massage. You can search for them online or in local directories. Make sure the specialist you choose is experienced and licensed.

For prenatal massage in Mission Viejo, get in touch with Massage in Mission Viejo. We have a team of experienced chiropractors and massage therapist to help you get the best results. Call us for an appointment today.