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Important questions to ask before availing pre-natal massage therapy

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase that every women face. Expectant mother goes through several marvelous changes during the entire pregnancy phase i.e. both mentally and physically. With so many physical changes taking place during the pregnancy, most of women today are rushing towards massage therapy to find some relief. This pregnancy massage is known as pre-natal massage therapy. Prenatal massage isn’t just for managing the physical pain but it also increases the level of feel good hormones- serotonin and dopamine and lowers down the level of the stress hormones- cortisol.

Besides that pre-natal massage therapy offers unlimited health benefits to both the expectant mother and the baby inside. This is the reason why most of pregnant women today prefer having prenatal massage therapy sessions. If you are an expectant mother and looking for a prenatal massage therapy, don’t miss to ask few essential questions to your massage therapist.

  • What specific pregnancy massage training you have done?
  • Are you qualified to perform prenatal massage?
  • How many pregnant women have you actually worked on?
  • How can prenatal massage help me?
  • Is it safe during first trimester?
  • What position do you instruct during the massage?
  • Is it ok to get a massage as I approach my due date?
  • What kind of equipments do you use during prenatal massage?
  • What kind of lotions, creams and oils do you use?
  • Do you have special tables to lie?
  • How often should I receive massage when I am pregnant?

If you get satisfactory answers while asking all the above questions from your massage therapists, without any doubt you can proceed ahead to get a massage. Make sure the massage therapist you are connecting is certified, well-trained and highly professional to provide safe and effective prenatal massage. To elevate more intense pain and discomfort, make sure to avail weekly sessions for the last trimester or extend your sessions to 90 minute.

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