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Reasons why chiropractic care is best for patients with acute aches

Alleviating pain permanently has become a serious issue these days. Surgeries and other alternatives are constantly failing to help you with this problem. For some, these methods do work but only for a short span of time. However, chiropractic treatment is the best service you can avail for your acute aches. Below mentioned points show how chiropractic can be helpful to you:

Relief without medication:

Most of us try to avoid going with the prescriptions because it consists of a long list of medicines. Pain, being an issue which cannot be easily avoided, demands extra care and proper treatment. Usually to seek temporary relief we prefer consuming tablets and capsules so that the aches can be kept at bay for some time. However, it does not remain in control for a longer period. With the help of chiropractic treatment, this issue is solved to a great extent. The best part is that it does not involve intake of medicines and provides quick relief with no side effects.

Eliminate the need for surgeries:

People with chronic back aches usually prefer getting hooked up with surgeries. This however should not be your priority or first choice. Since surgery is a risky experience, it might lead to a bigger trouble instead of solving your problem. If you set a routine and visit your chiropractor on a regular basis then this treatment can turn out to be the best you can ever receive for your back ache and other pain related problems. Thus, always try to ignore serious medical procedures and go for the one which will not damage your body any further.

Best decision for senior citizens:

Aches are very common in elderly people. We all have parents and grandparents who worry about these aches and are constantly failing to find the right treatment for it. Chiropractors have the best solution for this problem. Since, old people are sensitive and cannot undergo heavy medical procedures; chiropractic treatment will be an ideal choice for them.

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Massage Therapy- An Ultimate Tool of Healthcare for All

A regular massage therapy session offers you innumerable health benefits. Once, it becomes your addiction, it will gradually help you get rid of your health problems. Once, it was considered a luxury in the past, but now it has become a part and parcel of your healthy life. What makes it an ultimate tool for the enhancement of health care regimen? Let’s have a look.

A perfect state of relaxation

Massage therapy offers you perfect state of physical as well as mental relaxation. During this session, the therapist will let you experience peace of mind in which heart and breathing rate slows down. Your blood pressure reduces and the stress level will show a great fall. All this happens because of the fact that serotonin, a hormone that positively affects your mood releases making you feel quite good.

Physically, you will experience change in your body posture, an improved level of blood circulation, and decrease in the swelling. This therapy works best in improving your skin quality by hydrating it, giving it a healthy glow, and making you look and feel better.

Healthy immunity system

Massage therapy has an advantage of increasing one’s immunity system by stimulating the lymphatic cells and mobilizes them to fight against infection. A person of any age group can be benefited from this session, whether he is an infant, child, adult, or an old aged person. It will provide a boost to your body by increasing the disease fighting cells present in lymph nodes.

Reduction in depression level

Hectic work schedule can take a toll’s on one’s life both physically and mentally. Due to heavy burden of work, a person may suffer from anxiety and depression. Thus also occurs due to increased in the serotonin level and other feel good hormones. It has been proved that massage therapy has many psychological benefits thus improving your mood.

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Massage Therapy- a way to strengthen your immune system

A strong immunity system is very essential for the healthy functioning of the body. But what causes our immunity system to weaken? The root cause of deteriorating immunity system is high stress levels. People who remain depressed tend to have inadequate sleep. Thus stress combined with lack of sleep and poor nutrition all gives rise to weaken immunity system. The body’s ability to fight against the diseases lowers down.

Why healthy immune system is essential?

  • A healthy immune system helps the body in fighting against bacteria and other infectious diseases.
  • It enhances the body’s ability to get nourishment to important areas.
  • Any exterior disease causing bacteria or agent that enters our body is prevented by immune system from causing any damage.
  • Whereas, people who have weak immune system may catch these diseases more easily.

However, if you want to develop a healthy and strong immune system without the aid of medications, regular therapeutic massage is the best and the most efficient way to benefit the immune system.

Let us know some of the benefits of massage on immune system.

  • Decreases stress– Stress levels and strength of immune system are inversely proportional to each other. More the stress level, lower will be the immunity system and vice a versa. Massage therapy not only helps in alleviating stress, but also increases the immune system’s cytotoxic capacity and decreases the number of T-cells. This results in improved functioning of immunity system.
  • Changes in hormone level– It said that massage has a great impact on the hormone level of a person. Receiving different techniques of massage therapy helps in the decreased level of cortisol which is known to be a stress hormone. It also reduces the release of vasopressin hormone which amounts to aggressive behavior of the person.
  • Release of serotonin– It has been researched that men and women who receive regular or periodic massage therapy are less prone to diseases than the ones who don’t. Varied massage techniques shows an increase in serotonin and increase in number of cells that are considered to be a defensive instrument in the immune system.

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