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Dos and Don’ts to follow when getting for a massage therapy

Massage therapy is a natural and effective treatment that offers tremendous healing properties. The way it is practiced and the products applied in this process leaves every minor to major health concern to a normal state. The special modalities and techniques in a massage therapy can help anyone from a child to a senior aged person with different heath issues. If you are the one looking for massage therapy, it is best to get it done from a professional massage therapist having intense knowledge and great expertise in providing massage therapy.

Just discuss your needs, problem and its severity with your massage practitioner. If he is a professional massage therapist, you will undoubtedly get right solution to your concern. Before leaving all in hands of your massage therapists, there are few necessary steps that you should take at your end to ensure everything when availing massage therapy goes perfect and smooth from start to finish. Here are few Dos and Don’ts to follow when getting for a massage therapy.


  • Reveal injuries or surgeries if any with your massage therapist
  • Take shower before you get started
  • Maintain a hygiene
  • Be a slacker
  • Breathe to get most of results
  • Feel the touch of therapy
  • Drink plenty of water after the massage
  • Speak up with you massage therapist if you feel anything wrong


  • Don’t focus on thinking too much when getting a massage
  • Don’t eat right after the massage
  • Don’t prefer taking massage if you are suffering from any cold or viral
  • Don’t smoke or consume alcohol before taking massage
  • Don’t bother dolling yourself up
  • Don’t take shower right after the massage session
  • Don’t stand right away just right after the massage- take couple of minutes

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