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Reasons why chiropractic care is best for patients with acute aches

Alleviating pain permanently has become a serious issue these days. Surgeries and other alternatives are constantly failing to help you with this problem. For some, these methods do work but only for a short span of time. However, chiropractic treatment is the best service you can avail for your acute aches. Below mentioned points show how chiropractic can be helpful to you:

Relief without medication:

Most of us try to avoid going with the prescriptions because it consists of a long list of medicines. Pain, being an issue which cannot be easily avoided, demands extra care and proper treatment. Usually to seek temporary relief we prefer consuming tablets and capsules so that the aches can be kept at bay for some time. However, it does not remain in control for a longer period. With the help of chiropractic treatment, this issue is solved to a great extent. The best part is that it does not involve intake of medicines and provides quick relief with no side effects.

Eliminate the need for surgeries:

People with chronic back aches usually prefer getting hooked up with surgeries. This however should not be your priority or first choice. Since surgery is a risky experience, it might lead to a bigger trouble instead of solving your problem. If you set a routine and visit your chiropractor on a regular basis then this treatment can turn out to be the best you can ever receive for your back ache and other pain related problems. Thus, always try to ignore serious medical procedures and go for the one which will not damage your body any further.

Best decision for senior citizens:

Aches are very common in elderly people. We all have parents and grandparents who worry about these aches and are constantly failing to find the right treatment for it. Chiropractors have the best solution for this problem. Since, old people are sensitive and cannot undergo heavy medical procedures; chiropractic treatment will be an ideal choice for them.

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Physical Therapy- Why You Need It?

Are you suffering from any physical malfunctioning of your body parts? If yes, then physical therapy is the best choice. Accompanied with number of techniques, it recovers your body from physical ailments and assists in performing daily activities smoothly. When it comes to healthcare, many people remain dubious of physical therapy. Here are some of the conditions where getting treated with physical therapy works best.

  • Heals sports injury– If you are an athlete or a sports person, you may suffer from different types of injury during warm up session, training, or during game period. This can fracture a part of your body and cause pain. The most effective and non-invasive way to get rid of injury is physical therapy.
  • Treats arthritis and other age related problems– Problems like arthritis osteoporosis and joint related problems develop with age. Physical therapist will monitor the extent of your problem and offer you the effective solution to the problem.
  • Improves body balancing– Poor body balance can lead to head injury, trauma, and problem in functioning of brain. When you begin physical therapy, you will feel an improved coordination and balance in your body.
  • Helps you avoid surgery– Physical therapy treats even those problems for which surgery is required. By eliminating your pain and healing your body, it negates the necessity of surgery. Even if surgery is the last resort, you can lessen the after-effects of surgery by availing pre-surgery therapy.
  • Women-related issues– Physical therapy works best in providing relief to the women suffering from pain during pregnancy period. Also, it provides relaxation in post-partum period.

Physical therapist assistance 

Physical therapist is a licensed professional who is trained in best practices of performing therapy. Their skill allows them to carefully scrutinize the patient’s problems so that best exercise and treatment can be recommended.

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Bring your health on track availing miraculous benefits of physical therapy

Physical therapy is a natural treatment that prevents onset or retard the progression of diverse health ailments including illness, injuries and aches all over the body. This therapy is not just limited to adults, but persons with different age groups from infant to senior citizen who undergoes wide range of diseases whether it is a congenital or non-congenital one can also avail physical therapy. In addition, physical therapy acts as a boon for those who are in need of rehabilitation. Many people who have trouble moving around on a daily basis or those suffering from particular injuries and chronic pains can also be benefited from this. It’s primarily aimed at helping sufferers get back to their normal selves, free of pain and sufferings. Besides that, there are many other benefits of undergoing physical therapy.

  • Physical therapy helps building strength and flexibility in the body.
  • It helps strengthen the weekend parts of the body and improve gait and balance.
  • Injuries involving a muscle, ligament or joint can cause the problematic part of the body to get stiff and immobile, where physical therapy helps increasing the range of motion as well as shortens the recovery time.
  • Physical therapy is an excellent alternate to painful surgeries for few conditions such as meniscal tears and knee osteoarthritis, rotator cuff tears, spinal stenosis, and degenerative disk disease.
  • Studies have shown that physical therapy can help manage or delay symptoms of health issues such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, or neuropathy.
  • It helps manage diabetes, vascular conditions, heart and lung disease.

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Massage therapy- Miraculous health care remedy for aged people

Massage therapy is one the most popular and proficient methods of practice to improve the overall health well-being. It not only helps to relax and sooth the body but now it has become more than a necessity, especially for elderly people. Senior citizens not only need physical rest but they need a mental rest too. The overall body functioning of aged people whether it is physical or mental get slower with their increasing age and they are unable to respond to situations as quick as they used to.

Old age send invites to multiple heath disorders that eat a person like a bug with each increasing day and even body in unable to adapt different medications and pills. This is the reason, today most of aged people are rushing towards massage therapy to get pain free and quick solutions for every ailment. Massage therapy for elderly people has been proven to cut down several chronic health issues including:


Regular massage therapy sessions can play an important role in aged people recovering from chronic strokes and long term disabilities. It helps to increase the mobility, lower down depression, stimulates blood flow and aids in efficient delivery of oxygen rich blood to the damaged, tensed muscles to facilitate quick healing.


It benefits seniors facing memory loss by boosting blood flow to the brain hence increasing body awareness, alertness, reduction in feelings of confusion as well as anxiety.


One of the most faced health issue among aged citizens is pain and inflammation in joints. It helps ease joint and muscle pain, decreases muscle stiffness, even reduce the increased levels of stress that tend to come with aging.

Stabilizes blood pressure:

Stress is one of common factor of unbalanced blood pressure and senior citizens are more prone to this unnatural blood control. Massage therapy if taken at regular sessions can be great to break such stress hormones that leads to unstable blood pressure.

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3 important facts to know about spinal decompression therapy

Spinal decompression therapy can be used to treat various painful conditions associated with disc degeneration, posterior facet syndrome and herniation. However, it is the most popular non-invasive and non-surgical treatment to alleviate pain and discomfort in the back.

The conventional techniques only treat the symptoms providing only temporary relief. Your spine is very important and supports the upper body. So, therefore, any deterioration and damage in it may be painful and hinder day to day routine.

However, chiropractic massage therapies can help you get aid from chronic back pain right after a few sessions. Prior to starting the sessions, the doctor makes a thorough assessment needed to determine whether the procedure is suitable for your condition or not.

How the treatment works?

The spinal decompression therapy works by taking the pressure off the compressed discs and vertebrae. The procedure is performed in a clinical setting. It involves the use of traction devices and other techniques that relieves the pressure on the nerves. The equipment is used to maneuver the spine in a specific direction so that the misalignment in the spine and vertebrae gets aligned.

However, the effect of the procedure depends on the nature, symptoms, age and gender. After the treatment, you may experience muscle spasm for a couple of days. The technique is very beneficial and can help you get relief from the soreness and discomfort in the best manner.


The cost of the therapy will depend on the number of sessions you may have to attend to get respite from the uneasiness. However, if the condition is as a result of some major injury then it may take longer for you to gain mobility.


  • The therapy addresses the root cause of the pain; so therefore, you will be able to get permanent relief from the discomfort.
  • It is a non-surgical method to treat the problem that means you can start with your regular routine immediately after the session. However, you have to certain precautions prescribed by your doctor.
  • You do not need prolonged medication. This makes it cost effective.
  • It is safe and painless method that promotes healing by reducing pain. It can also help strengthen the back muscles, thus, preventing potential injuries.

When opting for spinal decompression therapy, it is important to look for an experienced chiropractor. Learn more about the treatment and its benefits with Massage in Mission Viejo. Call us for details or email us your queries.

How to choose a physical therapist? Important considerations

Pain and injury are never fun. After an injury, your ability to move is limited, or you have less functional strength prior to the accident. Often in such cases, you will be referred to physical therapists. However, finding the right physical therapists is very important to ensure faster healing. Let’s have a look at a few tips that ensure you do not make a mistake in selecting a specialist for you.

Research well- popular is not always the best

The key to finding a good physical therapist is research. It is critical that you understand how personalized your care will be. A large clinic may not be able to give personal attention you desire due to time constraints. So, therefore, it is imperative to select a specialist that can give you dedicated time. Physical therapy is a very personal hands-on-medical discipline and you need to be treated with a personal touch.

Select from two to three recommendations

If your doctor has suggested you to visit a specialist, ask him for two to three recommendations. You should explore the options available to you to make sure you receive the care that is right for you. Ask family and friends, if they know anyone from the recommendations.

The approach of the specialists

Is he focusing just on pain management? Or is he/she is working to strengthen the area? If only symptoms will be treated, there is the chance of recurrence. The condition will not be fixed permanently.

So, therefore, it is important to ensure that both the symptoms and underlying causes of the condition are addressed.

Check his/her credentials

The therapist and the facility must be licensed by the state in which they reside. You can check their status on your state’s licensing website.

Check their medical qualifications and experience. Also, ask the specialist what added certifications he holds. You can also read their reviews on the third party sites.

Ask for references and call their previous clients to inquire about their experience.

Your recovery is vital for you, so, therefore, selecting the right doctor is very relevant. So, take care of the things mentioned in the article and find the professional that is right for you.

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Signs that indicate you need physical therapy

The purpose of physical therapy is to help people who have conditions that limit their ability to perform their daily chores. So if you have a hard time in doing things you need to accomplish on a daily basis, you are the ideal patient for it. A therapist use many techniques and devices to help clients gain physical strength, and range of motion. It also assists in managing aches and physically debilitating conditions and also improves posture.

Let’s have a look at other signs that indicate you need the therapy

Pain that lingers for long

Minor injuries from an accident, sometimes linger for long. If after taking sufficient rest, ice therapy and medication, you still do not feel normal, it is wise to consult a therapist.

Recurring pain

Recurring pain that seems to have become the part of your lifestyle needs urgent attention. Sometimes, these are due to past injuries that are left untreated. If such is a case, it is suggested to get rid of them once and for all.

Medicine does seem to help

Usually doctors suggest you over the counter medications for an injury. However, in certain cases, the medication does not always alleviate the discomfort. If this is the case, physical therapy may prove to be beneficial.

A serious injury

Fractures, broken bones sometimes need a little more attention and care to recover. In such cases, physical therapy can help you recover fast.

Visible changes

If you notice something does not look right or feel right, seek medical attention immediately. Swollen ankles, discomfort in the legs while walking or ache in arms after swimming a few laps. Do not ignore these signs.

Acute pain

Whenever you feel a sharp pain in any part of your body, it needs to be checked out. It may be due to a pulled muscle, stress or may be a symptom of a serious condition.

Physical therapies can assist you in making a comeback to your routine. It helps you regain the muscle strength and improving the mobility of the injured body parts. The therapist first assesses your ability to function, monitor motor function and works to improve balance and coordination. Whenever you need this therapy, ensure you get in touch with the right professional.

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Physical therapy in Mission Viejo

Physical therapy is a treatment of disease, injury, or disability by physical and mechanical means. It focuses on one body part at a time increasing the strength to work properly.

Physical therapy is carried out by physical therapists. They are highly educated health care professionals who help the patients manage pain and improve the body movements. He diagnosis the dysfunctional movements, develop a treatment plan and assess the patient’s progress.

There are varieties of physical therapy techniques that start with the passive treatments but yields benefits in the long run. They efficiently deal with the pain and other diseases in your body.

Some of the Physical Therapy techniques are-

  • Deep Tissue Massage– Physical therapist gives deep tissue massage that specifically targets muscle tension caused by strains. With the aid of pressure, they releases tension form your muscles and tissues.
  • Hot and cold therapy– Therapist provides you hot and cold therapies depending upon your body condition. Both the therapies have their own utilities. Hot therapy is used to increase the flow of blood and brings more oxygen and nutrients to the target area. Whereas, cold therapy slows down the circulation and reduces pain and inflammation.
  • Ultrasound- Ultrasound is another technique that reduces swelling, stiffness, and pain by increasing the blood circulation in your body. The circulation is enhanced which in turn sends the sound waves deep into the muscle tissue.

The benefits of physical therapy are extensive. They have a dramatic effect on the health and are effective in controlling both minor and acute pains.

This therapy aims at-

  • Relieving the body from the dysfunctional pain– They alleviate the sore muscle tissues and helps in combating the pain.
  • Relaxing tight and tense muscles– Tight muscles have a profound impact on the posture of the body. It can affect the balance of the body too. Thus an effective massage therapy root out the problem at the infant stage only.
  • Improving the circulation and proper functioning of the immune system- The therapy causes the blood to flush in and out of the muscle joints. It improves the circulation in the required areas and makes the immune system healthy.
  • Reducing stress level– Now a days due to increase in the workload, the stress level has been on its heights. Physical therapy is an effective and enjoyable way to reduce the stress problems. It reduces the risk of heart diseases.

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