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Avail Professional Massage Therapy for Healing Effects

Massage is an effective form of stress management technique that offers a great relaxation to your body muscles and tissues. After a hectic working routine, professional massage offered by trained masseuse lets you feel pampered. This is the most soothing session one can experience after a stressful week. Not only this, there are myriad of healing effects that you can be benefited from by availing massage therapy session. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Stress buster

Massage therapy results in the secretion of endorphins, a hormone that alleviates stress and anxiety and makes you feel good. It also lowers down the body’s heart rate and blood pressure allowing the muscles to completely relax. Besides this, serotonin and dopamine are two hormones that are produced during the massage session. It offers of the mental state of calmness.

Fights depression

If you are suffering from acute problem of depression, massage is a proven way to fight against it. When stress hits your life, it results in increased cortisol levels in the body. Thus, the problem of depression is directly related to cortisol levels. Thus, massage decreases the level of cortisol and improves your mood.

Relief from muscular pain

Physical tasks make the muscles stiff and even cause some type of pain. To get rid of this pain, you can avail massage therapy for a healing effect. A touch of a professional therapist provides you a great relaxation. The mineral oils used allow the blood to flow through deep layers of muscles thus offering nourishment to the body.

Improved immunity system 

Fragile immunity system can cause the frequent occurrence of diseases and illness. If you want to put a halt on further weaking of your immune system, massage therapy is a one such non-invasive technique. Various types of movements performed during this session activate cytotoxic capacity in the body that produces killer cells to fight against infection.

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Important questions to ask before availing pre-natal massage therapy

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase that every women face. Expectant mother goes through several marvelous changes during the entire pregnancy phase i.e. both mentally and physically. With so many physical changes taking place during the pregnancy, most of women today are rushing towards massage therapy to find some relief. This pregnancy massage is known as pre-natal massage therapy. Prenatal massage isn’t just for managing the physical pain but it also increases the level of feel good hormones- serotonin and dopamine and lowers down the level of the stress hormones- cortisol.

Besides that pre-natal massage therapy offers unlimited health benefits to both the expectant mother and the baby inside. This is the reason why most of pregnant women today prefer having prenatal massage therapy sessions. If you are an expectant mother and looking for a prenatal massage therapy, don’t miss to ask few essential questions to your massage therapist.

  • What specific pregnancy massage training you have done?
  • Are you qualified to perform prenatal massage?
  • How many pregnant women have you actually worked on?
  • How can prenatal massage help me?
  • Is it safe during first trimester?
  • What position do you instruct during the massage?
  • Is it ok to get a massage as I approach my due date?
  • What kind of equipments do you use during prenatal massage?
  • What kind of lotions, creams and oils do you use?
  • Do you have special tables to lie?
  • How often should I receive massage when I am pregnant?

If you get satisfactory answers while asking all the above questions from your massage therapists, without any doubt you can proceed ahead to get a massage. Make sure the massage therapist you are connecting is certified, well-trained and highly professional to provide safe and effective prenatal massage. To elevate more intense pain and discomfort, make sure to avail weekly sessions for the last trimester or extend your sessions to 90 minute.

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Kick-off your stress and muscle tension with Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is certainly the best solution to get rid of muscle pain and mental stress. The motive behind deep tissue massage is to release tension from the body with use of deep finger pressure and slow strokes overall the body. If you have been seeking regular stress and body aches, deep tissue massage would be best solution to your problem. This massage therapy is most popular among all massage practices because this soothing, therapeutic treatment releases harmful toxins, tension and pain.

Deep tissue massage is practiced with different techniques each of them helps solving different health ailment whether it is a mental or a physical stress. This massage therapy triggers the deepest layer of the muscle tissue and helps relive chronic tension stored in the body. Here are few listed reasons why deep tissue massage would be best choice to treat your body aches and ailments in a natural way.

Helps release resistant knots in the body:

Deep tissue massage helps reliving the resistant knots and creates a better range of motions in joints and muscles. This is the reason deep tissue massage therapy is favorite among athletes. The trained massage practitioner makes use of different massage techniques and targets the damaged tissues applying pressure to the muscles and knots.

Boon for high blood pressure patients:

The process and action of deep tissue massage therapy increases the serotonin as well as boosts the blood circulation. Serotonin is considered to be a natural mood stabilizer which in turn lowers the stress, anxiety and keeps a moderate balance of blood pressure in the body.

Promotes better sleeping patterns:

The slow hand movement and little deep pressure practice in deep tissue massage releases melatonin in the body which helps control the sleep and wake cycle and relax the body from tip to toe. When the entire body is relaxed, it will automatically result in sound sleep.

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Get one-stop solution to your health ailments at Massage in Mission Viejo

Massage therapies have been a therapeutic way to eliminate several health disorders from centuries. Our body is constantly fighting against high demands and stress placed on it every day. To combat all such issues in a natural way, the only solution is getting a massage therapy done from professional hands. Massage therapy helps to relieve tension, re-align spirit, boosts the mood, increase energy levels and provides solutions to every health related issue. Apart from these, regular massage therapies help reducing body aches, pumps up the blood circulation, improves joint mobility and lot more.

Massage therapy is no doubt an effective natural therapy that offers tremendous healing properties but it can be a waste if not availed by an expert massage practitioner. If you are looking for a professional massage therapy and want to reap its health benefits, get it done from professional massage therapists at Massage in Mission Viejo. Whether you are looking to find a sense of mental balance or relief from chronic aches and other health issues, we can fulfill your every massage needs.

We specialize in providing several types of massage treatments including:

  • Deep Tissue massage
  • Pre-natal massage
  • Physical therapy
  • Acupuncture therapy
  • Spinal decompression therapy
  • Chiropractic Treatment

Our highly experienced massage therapists take into consideration to symptoms, lifestyles and work habits to determine the proper course of therapy. They make use of selected oils, creams and lotions to trigger the specific cause. Our massage therapists are highly experienced and trained to cater any kind of massage needs.

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Heal your workout injuries with regular massage therapies

Healthy and fit body is an asset of a person who is health and beauty conscious. Today most of people are getting fitness freak and rushing towards fitness clubs or home workouts to achieve their desired fitness goals. Unfortunately, it has been recorded in past years, most of people are getting hospitalized due to serious injuries while practicing hard workouts or performing incorrect exercises. It has been proven that workout injuries makes major and long term impacts on body. The reason behind is the workout injures are often the bones or muscle injuries and they are most difficult to cover up.

Where on the other hand, massage therapies are proven to be boon to treat workout injuries. Massage therapies are practiced in such a way that it works both beyond and above the skin. The essential oils and lotions used in massage therapies penetrate deep inside the skin and heal from sore muscles and minor injuries beneath the skin. Apart from providing miraculous benefits for workout injuries, massage therapies also helps to relive the post-workout soreness, stiffness in the overall body and cuts down major road blocks that derail the fitness plans.

  • Soothes the torn tissues
  • Relax stiff muscles
  • Cut downs the aches and pains
  • Increases blood flow
  • Flushes out toxins
  • Increase the strength and flexibility
  • Pump more oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs
  • Heals the injury at accelerated rate
  • Flushes out swelling in joints
  • Improves the mobility in the problem area
  • Helps prevent over-training
  • Helps eliminate By-products of exercise
  • Soothes the over-worked muscles
  • Reduces pain from spam, cramps
  • Enhance the athletic performance

If you are the one following strict fitness workout schedule, don’t send invite to serious workout injuries. Get regular massage therapies to boost your workout intensity and prevent yourself from those major injuries.

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Acupuncture and massage therapy- complete care solution for body

Acupuncture and massage therapy are both known to be ancient practices that are increasingly gaining popularity in fitness world for providing perfect solution to every kind of body pain as well as other chronic diseases. In acupuncture treatment, hair thin needles are used on different parts of body to re-establish the flow of energy, relieve mental and physical stagnation and stimulate immune and endocrine system. On other hand, massage therapy includes manual work on body that encompasses rubbing, pressing, kneading, tapping to the muscles and soft tissue fascia of the body.

Both of them are when combined delivers miraculous benefits to body’s health. There are numerous of health disorders that cannot be resolved just be an intake of medicines or a simple massage therapy alone. Therefore, acupuncture and massage therapy came to trend and there outputs were proven to be amazing on overall body.

Effects on overall body:

In acupuncture and massage therapy session, trained practitioner focus on thumbs, fingers and palms that are used to stimulate those special nerves in our body which triggers the pain and pleasure points. This overall process helps body to release endorphins as known as natural pain killers of human systems and triggers certain actions that help body to combat several health disorders naturally.

Promotes hormonal balance:

Combining both acupuncture and massage therapy treatments promotes hormonal balance to the body. Where massage therapy helps promoting oxytocin and acupuncture treatment promotes estrogen, testosterone, adrenal and thyroid hormones. Apart from this, massage therapy leaves the body in a relaxing state as well responsive which in turn makes acupuncture treatments more active and enduring.

Beside this, combination of acupuncture and massage is proved to be a boon for curing all disorders of body including:

  • Respiratory disorders
  • Muscular disorders
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Neurological disorders
  • Gynecological disorders

If you are the one facing any of the above mentioned disorder, get professional acupuncture massage therapy done from expert therapists of Massage in Mission Viejo. We are licensed and certified massage therapy professionals specializing in providing several types of massage treatments to our clientele at unbeatable rates. We work hard to provide quick and long lasting solutions to our clients. To know more about our services and rates, call us at 949-682-5679 or leave us a message online. We are always there to help you.

Lower Down the Stress and Tension Level with the Magic of Massage

Stress is a part of everyone’s life. However, too much workload can take a toll on one’s life. So, it’s necessary to spare some time for yourself so that you can let your mind and body to relax. One such stress buster technique is massage therapy. You may have heard of different types of massage services. What are its benefits? How it alleviates the stress and tension level? Let’s have a look.

Get Rid of Pain

There are different types of pain a person may experience such as neck pain, back ache, head ache, migraine, pain that arises due to any sports activities, etc. No matter what type of pain, it makes you cranky and irritable. One stop solution for every type of pain is massage therapy. It resolves your pain and makes you feel better and relaxed.

Rejuvenates your mind and soul

By lowering down the stress level, massage work wonders in rejuvenating your mind and soul.  Stress can make you look older before time. It also gives rise of signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. By availing the massage services regularly, you can put a halt on early aging process. With a right frame of mind, you will learn to be optimistic.

A soothing experience

With a serene and inviting ambience, you will really cherish the services of massage being offered. Soft music, low lightning, candles, trained staff, various scents, and attractive interior will surely appeal to your senses and make your forget all your worries. You will feel safe and comfortable while in the hands of professionals.

Other useful benefits

Besides the above discussed benefits, massage offers a wide range of many other benefits. Such as-

  • Strengthen your weak muscles
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Evades fatigue
  • Boost your body with energy
  • Recovery from strenuous actions performed during sports activities
  • Improves immunity and digestive system
  • Cuts down your anxiety and depression level

Get into the habit of scheduling massage services. It’s the most effective and non-invasive way to get rid of stress and tension.

To avail massage therapy, get in touch with Massage in Mission Viejo. We have MDs, massage therapists, and chiropractors to help you in every possible manner. We offer diversified therapies for varying needs. Book an appointment with us. You can call us for any additional details.

Massage therapy- Miraculous health care remedy for aged people

Massage therapy is one the most popular and proficient methods of practice to improve the overall health well-being. It not only helps to relax and sooth the body but now it has become more than a necessity, especially for elderly people. Senior citizens not only need physical rest but they need a mental rest too. The overall body functioning of aged people whether it is physical or mental get slower with their increasing age and they are unable to respond to situations as quick as they used to.

Old age send invites to multiple heath disorders that eat a person like a bug with each increasing day and even body in unable to adapt different medications and pills. This is the reason, today most of aged people are rushing towards massage therapy to get pain free and quick solutions for every ailment. Massage therapy for elderly people has been proven to cut down several chronic health issues including:


Regular massage therapy sessions can play an important role in aged people recovering from chronic strokes and long term disabilities. It helps to increase the mobility, lower down depression, stimulates blood flow and aids in efficient delivery of oxygen rich blood to the damaged, tensed muscles to facilitate quick healing.


It benefits seniors facing memory loss by boosting blood flow to the brain hence increasing body awareness, alertness, reduction in feelings of confusion as well as anxiety.


One of the most faced health issue among aged citizens is pain and inflammation in joints. It helps ease joint and muscle pain, decreases muscle stiffness, even reduce the increased levels of stress that tend to come with aging.

Stabilizes blood pressure:

Stress is one of common factor of unbalanced blood pressure and senior citizens are more prone to this unnatural blood control. Massage therapy if taken at regular sessions can be great to break such stress hormones that leads to unstable blood pressure.

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Top five tips to maximize your massage benefits

Massage therapy is a complex mixture of holistic healing practices involving physical, emotional and spiritual components. These works wonder on our mind, body and soul. There are unlimited benefits of massage therapy that can’t be described in words. It reflects its credible effects right from the head to the toe. When getting a massage, our body answers to each action when it is comes in contact with any kind of physical touch including kneading, rubbing, pinching, gliding. You can multiply the effects of your massage therapy and can make the best out of it by keeping few points into considerations.

  • Understand your need:

The foremost thing that you have to consider is knowing your need. Analyze for what cause you want to avail the therapy, know whether you just want it for a de-stress yourself from hectic lifestyle or looking to cure any medical ailment? Understanding the type of massage is very important. It is suggested to go for massage therapy that is introduced to solve your specific purpose.

  • Choose a professional:

Massage benefits can only be availed at its best if it is done from professional hands. It is suggested to get your massage done from expert massage therapist who is certified, acquires deep knowledge and holds years of experience in this trade.

  • Get regular sessions:

Massage therapies shows up its effects slowly but effectively and permanently. If you want lifelong health gains, it is recommended to include regular sessions for couple of months or years.

  • Consume water immediately after the massage:

It is important to drink plenty of water after your massage session. The logic behind is that massage moves cell waste from body where drinking plenty of water immediately after the massage helps to flush it out completely.

  • Breathe:

Breathing and massage therapy goes hand in hand. It helps to detoxify the inner organs and boosts the blood circulation to overall body. Moreover, it helps relax the muscles and brings deeper sense of calm as your therapist works out your body’s stiffness and tightness.

To wrap all the miraculous benefits of massage therapy get in touch with Massage in Mission Viejo. We welcome you to experience different kinds of massage therapies at our place practiced with unique techniques and products by our professional practitioners. Book your appointment now and avail hot deals and discounts. In case of any query, simply ring us a call at 949-682-5679 or drop us a mail at We are always there to help you.

Wondrous effects of massage on different systems of body

Massage is known to be one of the best and safest therapeutic treatments providing wide array of health benefits to the overall body. It has been considered as the luxury service intended to relive stress and promote relaxation. It is performed for a variety of reasons including treating painful ailments, reducing stress and decompressing tired or overworked muscles and lot more. The manipulation of the underlying soft tissues and muscles provides miraculous benefits to skin as well as treats wide array of other healthy issues. There is numerous health benefits of availing corrective massage therapy sessions at regular basis.

  • Effects on digestive system:

It cures all the unnatural digestive disorders including constipation, diarrhea, colic, gas, imbalanced tone of small and large intestine.

  • Effects on nervous system:

It boosts the blood circulation and affects the neurotransmitters of the brain. Moreover it reduces the nerve root compression and helps treat restlessness and insomnia.

  • Effects on digestive system:

Massage helps in increasing the joint mobility and their range of motion by increasing the circulation of essential nutrients to joints. It prevents formation of adhesions and reduces the physical stress placed on muscles and joints.

  • Effects on respiratory system:

It encourages deep breathing, lowers the blood pressure, releases congestion, reduces ischemia, stimulates blood flow to and from the lungs and fosters the absorption of oxygen.

  • Effects on Lymphatic system:

Massage therapy can dramatically reduce lymphedema by improving circulation to the lymphatic system thereby helping to remove waste, impurities and bacteria from the system.

These unlimited benefits of massage can only be effective if availed from a professional massage therapist. If you are dealing with any of the system issue, must add regular massage therapy sessions to your lifestyle. Make sure your massage therapist is professional enough and hold years of experience in this trade.

Do you find that you occasionally suffer from restlessness? If yes, then you really need an effective massage therapy. Welcome to Massage in Mission Viejo and get professional massage therapy from our skilled practitioners having immense knowledge of different massage techniques. Make your appointment now and avail hot discounts and exciting packages. If you have any queries, ring a call or leave us a message online. We are looking forward to hear from you soon.